Racing through South Africa and Botswana
Our car arrived to late in Durban. So the rest of our group left already. We made an appointment at Sioma falls to catch up with them. This meant we had two days to cover the distance.

We had a stopover at Nata and at Kazangula.




  The ferry to Zambia.  


  When entering Zambia you can choose from two directions to go. Right, the main road to Livingstone. Or left, a very bad road to Seshekhe. This was the worst road we ever had. 150 km heavy corrugation.  


  This caused one of the shock absorber hangings to break. Luckily we could fix it our self.  



At Sioma Falls we met the other three participants of the Zambia leg.

First we met Wouter the way we know him.



  Campsite at Sioma.