At the eastern weekend we organised a 'big' 101 event in The Netherlands. Over the weekend we had 13 101's joining us.

And when you want fresh bread in the morning you go to buy it with 3 101's.

In the mean time PaNiek was still struggling with his gearbox. He could not finish it in time so he joined us later with his 110 HCPU.
Steen from Denmark
Michael Kubler from Germany with a broken propshaft.
I managed to get the ambulance stuck in the mud after 5 m. driving... It took the power of two 101's to free the beast.
Greame and Fresca from the UK.
The GS from Peter Gunsing.
Well, what is a 101 event without the Animal...
Piet Molenaar's ambulance.
The vehicle from Ron Wiggemans. Note the different bumper.
The very nice radio body from Rob van Maanen.
Peter with some wild action. Later he got some ignition problems and to vehicle was left behind at a garage.
The GS and trailer from Hanno.