At may 2000 we shipped our Land Rover 90 D from Rotterdam to Durban, South Africa and made a trip for three months trhough South Africa, Botswana, Zambia, Namibia and Swaziland.

We made the trip with 6 other Land Rovers. One from the US, an other one from Holland and the rest from South Africa.

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  The 90 was well prepared for the tour and except for some little repairs we did not have any major problems.  


  There was only one thing we did not like so much and that was that we had to pitch the tent every evening. Also hyena's walking around your tent don't make you sleep well.  



At Etosha game reserve in Namibia we met a South African couple driving tourists around in the park. Later that day Wouter de Waal, one of our travel companions, said "wouldn't it be nice to make a trip like this with a 101 FC Ambulance?"

I liked the idea and convinced Thandie that it would be nice to buy a 101 ambulance and convert it into a camper for the next tour.

So one year after we were back from South Africa we went looking for a 101.
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