When PaNiek, a member of the Dutch Land Rover mailing list, heard we were interested in buying a 101 he was very helpful in assisting us in the project. He lent us his vehicle so we could try it on and off road.
Later we went with PaNiek to 'van Dam' at Herkenbosch, in the south of Holland to look for a 101. There were 16 of them. Half of them were in a really bad condition. The rest was more or less ok.
We picked two of them to get them started. One was running good ( the one on the picture) and the other one was a bad runner, spitting oil from the exhaust pipe.
A couple of days later Niek phoned and told me that at 'van Dam' in Zeist there was also one ambulance which he thought was in better shape as the ones we saw in Herkenbosch.
It was indeed in a better condition and after a test drive we decided to buy this one.