The first thing I did was taking the rust from the bottom parts. It was all surfacial rust witch was scraped off with a steel brush. After that it was painted black with Hammerite.

To avoid problems on our future trip to Africa and to avoid problems with the neighbours I decided to take of the six layers of army paint.

First I tried a gas burner to remove the paint but the fire was to hot for the aluminium body. Unfortunately I started with a door witch looks a kind of wobbly now...

Later I bought a good electric paint stripper to do the job. This worked fine, specially on the bodywork in the back. The bronze green in the front was more difficult to remove.
It took me about two and a half weeks to strip the car. But it was summer time, nice to work outside. And a lot of time was spend on talking with bypassers who want to know what my plans were with the car.
All collapsible crosses were removed. At the one on the roof the glue was used to write something. I know there were more ambulances where this was done.
After removing the paint and sanding the vehicle it was painted with a two component aluminium primer. I used a roller to apply the paint.